Franchisee Testimonials

Things are going so great with our mobile unit! We absolutely love the versatility aspect of it. Our customers are amped up about the products we offer. My wife and I agree that Cuppy's Coffee is the perfect fit for anyone wanting to own and operate a business. Dealing with everyone at Cuppy's has been like getting candy everyday-WONDERFUL! Every potential franchisee should BE REQUIRED to deal with Karl W. on every aspect of purchasing a franchise. This guy treats you like family!


Our thoughts:

  • Talking with Karl W. at Cuppy's everyday -- No hassle!
  • Having an FSM (like Kathy M) that also helps you through daily operations -- Spectacular!
  • Investing in your own high quality business -- Worth it!
  • Being a Cuppy's Coffee Smoothies & More Franchisee -- PRICELESS.

The best fit, period.

Damian & Tammy B.

Hi everyone at Cuppy's!I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all you have done for us this far! We are extremely excited to start this new chapter in our lives and the entire Cuppy's has helped us navigate a sometimes very complicated process. Ken has navigated us through the process like a true pro. Reamelle in real estate has really followed through and we have found a great spot for our cafe. The legal department, Speed and attorney Manganiello have been very patient and helpful to us as we work to fully understand the Franchise Agreement.

They are very responsive to our seemingly endless questions. If they don't know the answer, they find someone who can help us. We really appreciate everything you all have done. We look forward to many successful years together as members of the Cuppy's family.

Thank you,

Jim and Heather H.

As a new franchisee I have been very impressed with the staff that I have come in contact with at Cuppy's Coffee, Smoothies & More. From the start, Tracy has been very helpful with providing me with any information that I needed. The many questions that I had were always answered in a timely manner be her. I received a lot of help from Reamelle in the real estate department. She is a very wonderful person to work with. She located site for me very quickly. We have already submitted an LOI to a location that I am very interested in. Reamelle was very quick to answer my questions as well. When unable to know the answer to the question herself, Megan and Kirstie were always helpful to their team mate and assisted her in answering questions. Teresa and Steve have helped me get everything I need in order. I am very impressed to see that anyone at Cuppy's is always there to help me. Keep up the good work and I am very happy to be a part of the Cuppy's Team!

Christopher S.

I would like comment on two of your employees. Reamelle and Kristin have exhibited such a high degree of professionalism. I have found them to be very kind, friendly and courteous. Both of them have been extremely timely in their response to my questions and have been helpful. They are an asset to your establishment.

Greer A

I don't know where to begin to say thank you. Joe and I and our daughter were first taken under your wing and escorted all over Destin, FL meeting the gang and then all together we traveled to Mississippi. Yes, Mississippi and back all in the course of a day to view Cassandra's drive-thru as it was the closest up and running besides the small pilot one in town. Danny, you were captive in our car and so patiently answered every question under the sun that I could think of. It amazes us both that you remain in touch. Thank you for never giving up on us. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary sighing papers to come on board.There is one person who I can never say thanks enough to and that's Robin. She is extremely professional and always follows through and gets whatever I need done. There have been day that I called Robin in excess of five to six times and sweet Amanda vivaciously answers my calls without even once uttering a sigh. How amazing is that? Our project has been a real milestone for Cuppy's staff. Joe and I decided to purchase property not knowing not knowing that the county that we lived in for the past 20 years is one of the worst to deal with in regard to obtaining permits. We have spent in excess of $80,000.00 just on the engineering phase which involved the county and the Florida Department of Transportation. Robin felt our pain and understood that our project that had start at $250,000 had tripled over time and she worked so hard you would have thought it was her own finances on the line. Dealing with the county and state has been a hurry up and wait mentality. This meant many a telephone call to have plans redrawn and re-evaluated. Whatever they asked of me, I in turn called Robin and she would figure out how to solve the problem and determine what we needed to do next.

It took one year and nine months, but collectively we did it and the building permit was granted. Scary and stressful, you bet, and it would have been a thousand times worse if I didn't have the support of Robin and all the folks at Cuppy's working together to make this happen. Marie at Elite has also been wonderful teaming up with Robin whenever it involved the building aspect. Marie would also rise to the occasion and get back to me in a very timely fashion with answers as well. The day I received my building permit I felt obligated to tell Robin Marie personally because they were so involved. My engineer and contractor mentioned to me how impressed they were with my franchisor and their staff. They remarked how pleasant and professional they have been to work with so far.

In closing, all I can say is that corporate must be doing a lot right by their employees or their must be something in the water supply in Fort Walton Beach. I am a person who has very high expectations of myself both personally and professionally which very difficult to impress. All I can say is that I have never been disappointed with anyone I have interacted with in the two years I have been dealing with Cuppy's. It is obvious that we share the same philosophy that setting for mediocrity is not okay.

Thank you one and all for all your dedication and hardwork. Together we will make Cuppy's a franchise. Best wish for a wonderful holiday season filled with great times shared with your loved ones.

With sincere gratitude,

Carol and Joe R.

Why Cuppy's? As a person who lives outside of Seattle WA, which is located right smack dab in the middle of coffee country US of A, I am asked this a lot. Hi, my name is Ron and my wife is Darlene and I want to answer that question. Well, originally it wasn't Cuppy's that I was interested in; it was Forza Coffee. Now for those of you who are not native to the environs of Seattle, you're asking who is Forza's? Good question. In the heart of coffee country you have several major players. Of course, everyone knows Starbucks or should know them if they are going to be in the coffee business. In addition to Starbucks, we have Seattle's Best, Forza, BigFoot Java, Dillano's and myriads of other players, but no Cuppy's Coffee. I originally saw an article for Forza's in the local newspaper. I was looking for a franchise, being as astute a person as myself, and I put 2 and 2 together and came up with Forza.I contacted them, was sent a little information but not enough to wet my whistle. I decided to pursue a little further; I wonder what their coffee taste like? You see, being right smack dab in the middle of Starbuck's country, I compare everything to the big boys. Now some of you might be saying, "Oh I don't like Starbucks. Their coffee taste burnt," but I disagree. The one thing we can all learn from Starbucks is that the quality of the product they serve is consistent from store to store. I have literally tasted Starbucks all over Washington, Concord, NH and Atlanta, GA, and they are consistent from one store to the other.

Now getting back to my Forza story, I went to 5 different stores within a 20 mile radius. In three stores, the service was lousy and the coffee was drinkable. In two stores, they had exceptional service and the coffee was ok. In addition to my taste test, there was no follow up on my original correspondence to become a franchise owner. A little word to Forza, don't become distracted and think you are on top of the world because the local paper does a feature article on you; stay close to your roots at all times. Discouraged, but not despondent, I did like all red blooded Americans do, I did a Google search. Guess what I saw, oh you are already ahead of me, that's right I saw advertisements for Cuppy's.

I was hooked immediately, I liked the logo, and I thought it was friendly, upbeat and just a little different from Starbucks. I next looked at the Cafe options; I liked the colors and the interior design of the stores. You see, here in Starbuck country, every cafe looks like Starbucks, not that that's bad mind you, but I tend to want a little something different. So, I took the next step and sent an internet inquiry to Cuppy's. I was all excited. I feverishly checked my email every five minutes after sending the original inquiry. I couldn't wait to get a response and to be on my way. I don't remember how soon that I did get a response, but I know that it was quick and that something came in the mail soon afterwards. Now if you are like me and you are looking for a franchise, you have your net in several bodies of water looking for franchise opportunities. The net was cast; I was waiting for all these people to want me as much as I wanted them. Cuppy's was different; they had a real live person contact me by the name of Tracy K.

Tracy was great. I asked lots of questions and she answered every one. I don't know about you but I am one of those people who will ask a question and expect an answer. It didn't matter what kind of question I asked, I got an answer from Tracy almost immediately. The good thing was, I didn't have to pursue her for answers. I asked a question, and she answered. Heck, I was ready to sign on the dotted line and I hadn't even tasted the coffee. I had a real live person who was treating me like a real live person, where do you want me to sign? Why Cuppy's? Well, in addition to Tracy's superior customer service, I got a sample of the coffee. As mentioned earlier, I compare every coffee to Starbucks. This was good coffee that these people at Cuppy's were selling. My wife, Darlene, who I might add is not a coffee drinker, tried the coffee and liked it.

I figured at this point I must be onto something pretty good. I was further convinced, in fact I knew that I had a grand slam homerun when I went to a local restaurant with my wife and in-laws one night and we had coffee with our dessert. We were all chatting and so forth when somehow we all just stopped and started commenting on the coffee. This is good stuff. Being the shy type of person that I am, I called our waitress over and asked her what brand of coffee we were drinking. She informed me that it was a Caffe D'Arte blend called Meaning of Life. Right then and there I had a hallelujah moment! I realized that this was the same brand being offered by Cuppy's.

The rockets went off, the trumpets blared, it was like the New England Patriots had just scored a touchdown. I knew this was the franchise for Darlene and me. Good customer service, good product, but can it really be true?

Tracy next supplied me with a list of franchise owners. I called all of them that day. I was excited because they were excited. I had made a list of questions about 30 (I've got to keep it short, you know), that I asked each franchise owner. This was like live TV; I asked the questions (not all of them in Cuppy's favor), and because I was out to prove that this cannot be as good an opportunity as presented. You want to know what I found out? What I found out was that these people were excited about being a franchise owner for Cuppy's. Sure there were problems that needed to be addressed, but you could tell from each franchise owner that they felt good about being a part of the Cuppy's family. I tabulated all of the results and presented them to Darlene. She got excited and thought it would be a good idea to pursue a life as a Cuppy's franchise owner. We have purchased 2 Cuppy's Franchise agreements and we are hoping to be the first in Washington State to wave the Cuppy's banner! With a little luck and a prayer, we will.

Why Cuppy's? Good question. They have great people, good service, and an exceptional product. I hope you and yours become part of the Cuppy's Coffee family. Darlene and I did. You should too!

Ron & Darlene
Cuppy's Coffee Franchisees

The training and marketing departments were well organized, detailed and professional. They made it so much easier to learn and apply our new skills to our cafe. We look forward to reconnecting with our Cupppy's training and marketing staff in the near future to expand on other areas for our cafe. You all have made the long journey so much fun and exciting. It should be another wonderful experience.

A Zografos

Thank you so much for all your support as we move toward making Cuppy's Coffee a household name here in Miami, FL. You and your team truly helped me make this adventure much less bumpy. We are really excited about our upcoming cafe and this wonderful press release has added to the rush. In recognition of all of your effort from posters to webinars (and so much more, I'm sure), you are all doing a magnificent job. I have spent many years as the educator/recruiter/community liaison at Miami Children's Hospital and much of my time was spent on marketing, so I know first hand just how important it is. Keep up the tremendous work and let's do something else together soon.

Natasha M

I have no idea how I would have made it without you guys. I have called poor Tony at 6 am frantic and he actually answered and helped me right away. You guys really made me feel like you cared about us personally and not like we were just another franchisee. I love you guys and appreciate you for everything you have done. I always know that you are just phone call away! Thanks again for everything.

Baranda and Jody A.

What I appreciate most about Cuppy's service is the staffs "genuine concern for our well being and our success." They truly go the extra mile to help and make sure that I'm not just a number or a dollar sign. I am really excited about my future with Cuppy's Coffee and am confident that at no time will I be "left on my own." I can't wait until my store is up and running so I can write in detail all they have done from the beginning to end. Thank you all so very much!

Sam and Libby J.

Cuppy's is always ready to lend a hand and make sure that you have every opportunity to be successful in this business. Even when I know that everyone at Cuppy's in busy with all the new stores that are soon to be built, they make the time to answer any questions or concerns I have. Cuppy's is a great crew to work with; they are patient, knowledgeable, willing to do whatever it takes, enthusiastic and always on MY team. Thanks!

LaRea F

Coming to Coffee College was a great experience! Everyone was superior in their professionalism while promoting the close-tight-family feeling to all the franchisees. Amy & Kim were awesome. We enjoyed how passionate they are about the company and the success of every individual franchisee. The marketing department was sensational in their presentations pushing franchisees to the edge of their seat wanting more.

Damian B

Thank you very much for the extra time and effort you have provided in assisting me to make my dream become a close reality. Even though it hasn't been materialized as yet, we are getting close and when it all comes together I can't wait to celebrate with all of you.

Z. Ally

Cuppy's truly needs to be very proud to have a gentleman like Karl be a part of the Cuppy's team. He always went over and above for anything that we needed to get our franchise started. Sometimes he would call us just to chit-chat and still does that to this day. That's a real family!

Rich & Nancy Lee S

I have been totally blown away from the attentiveness of the whole crew at Cuppy's. It really shows me how thoughtful you all are and the care and concern you've shown towards me.

Charles C

To the Marketing Team at Cuppy's Coffee, This is a note to say thank you so much for all of the hard work that you all all put in on the great marketing ideas. I have to say that marketing is my worst area! I feel that I have no knowledge in it and just feel uneasy when it comes to the word marketing. But, the website material that everyone in the department has provided has made me feel comfortable and makes me feel like I can become successful with the tools that you have given me. I believe that Cuppy's Coffee has given me a guide or a plan to follow to show me how to be successful and marketing is the key! So thank you for all that you do.The personnel in the marketing department is fabulous. Everyone is so very helpful and kind to speak to that I don't even mind asking goofy questions. So this a HUGE thank you and shout out to a job well done to the marketing department of Cuppy's Coffee!. Have a great day and smile because you all deserve it!

T & K McPherson

Cuppy's Coffee has been wonderful. We have received wonderful marketing tools and ideas. They are there when we have questions and they provide answers quickly. We appreciate our "Angel", Stephanie beyond words. Amy also seems to have the answers for us and when we catch her off guard and she doesn't she is always quick to get them. She is on top of her game constantly and is my ultimate go to woman when i need fast results. I appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. Building a business isn't easy by any means, but Amy does her best to make it easier in any way she can. Thank you Cuppy's Coffee for having such competent and hard working women on the team!

M Cordeiro and Alicia A

To the gang and Cuppy's Coffee, I have been on board with the Cuppy's Coffee family for some time now, and I wanted to express my feelings about you guys. I would first like to commend all of you on the courteous, pleasant and friendly manner in which you guys conduct yourselves. I would like to mention in particular, Trinetti, Summer, Megan and Kristin. You guys are the best. Through phone calls and emails, with questions I may have needed answered, you have responded so promptly, professionally and knowledgeably. Thank you so much!

G Adams

Dear Cuppy's Coffee, I have been working with the Real Estate Department for quite some time now, and I want to let you know that I have always received excellent help from both Summer and Megan. Both of these women have been friendly, helpful and very professional. I really feel like they are striving to provide me the best of service. They keep me appraised of everything that is going on.

Beth O

I wanted to send you a quick thank you for all your ideas that you gave will and me at Coffee College. I enjoyed picking your brain for ideas on how we can market in our area. I know that we have been putting some of your advice to work and we are getting some positive feedback!It was nice meeting you and I'm sure that we'll continue to work together more! Thank you so much!

Rachel R

Just a quick thanks to the girls answering the phone up front. Amanda and Terri have always been very helpful, courteous and professional. It has been very hectic for us opening the cafe. Amanda and Terri run down the people we are looking for and never pass their duties to other personnel. They are a great asset to the Cuppy's team. Thank them for me.

V Sparacino

This is just a note to let you know how much Todd & I appreciate everything Robin from Customer Service does. I know that I would not be able to get through this process of getting two kiosks up and running at the same time if she was not there to help us out every day. We cannot express how much it means to us that she takes the time to do the little things and work out the little details for us. I know that if I ask her to do something I do not have to worry about it again because she will work on the issue until she gets the answer. Thank you for being our angel! It means the world to us to have you as our partner in this great adventure and we are so looking forward to finally meeting you this next week! Robin is the best and I would not want anyone else to work with to help solve all of my dilemmas because she fixes them so well and with so much class! Thank again and have a GREAT day.

T & K McPherson

Kirstie and all the members of Cuppy's Real Estate team are the best. They are truly dedicated to their franchisees. They keep you motivated and go out of their way to help you in their endeavor. Thank you.

K Fulghum

As I step back and reflect on our Cuppy's dual drive-thru project, and the work that you and your real estate group have done for us over the past few months, I can offer these thoughts:Before I signed on with Cuppy's I was very impressed with the business model of Cuppy's back office support down in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. There are many local PA franchises I could have went with, but Cuppy's consistently stood apart from the rest during my evaluation process, and that convinced me to go with you; even though you don't have the local name recognition. The market indicators show that people want this product, and since Cuppy's delivers a superior product faster and cheaper than the "other guy," I'm confident we will be a success in this area.

Now that we've seen Cuppy's in action, I'm pleased about the decision to go ith you instead of my locals. The Cuppy's network of professional service support is proving to be critical for my first business venture, and pivotal in helping to avoid and rookie mistakes. While Cuppy's is a very young company, you seem to be adapting and reacting well to the flood of new franchisees who also recognize the Cuppy's potential, and requiring your real estate search assistance. Our real estate representative Kristin, along with Rob from Spectrum realty, has been effective in working on our behalf. I look forward to continuing to work with this teram, so they can see us through to both a location and lease agreement that will give us the best opportunity for success.

Mark H

I love the customer service I get from Cuppy's. I appreciate the help that always arrives when I just pick up the phone. I have experienced timely responses every time I called with a problem.

Mark B

I just wanted to let you know that Amanda is a very good receptionist. She is always friendly and helpful, no matter what day or time I called her. She is an exceptional employee that you have and she always seems to know the answer. If she doesn't, she will try to find out for you. Thank you.

P Atkins

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you, at Cuppy's, for doing a great job guiding us through the process of becoming new coffee shop franchisees. You, along with Summer, Jennifer and Dawn, just to name a few, have done a fantastic job. You have done everything n your power to find us a place for our K3B drive-thru, acquiring financing and answering our multitude of questions. Rob, at Spectrum Realty, has been a real pleasure to work with. He is really on top of things when it comes to the real estate and lease contract part of the process. The many phone calls from the "Cuppy's Angels," and other department personnel, have really made us feel more at ease in this whole endeavor too. It is great to know that all of you, at Cuppy's, are looking out for our best interest. We are truly looking forward to a long, and very prosperous, relationship with the Cuppy's team. Thank you again.

Sean and Patti H

I wanted to let you guys know what a great job you both have done in assisting Meggan & I in becoming Cuppy's Franchisees. You have both been there any time we have had questions or needed more information. The dedication you show to the company and the potential franchisee is a comfort in our decision to join the franchise. You are both very knowledgeable and speedy to respond. We appreciate all of your help and look forward to our continued conversations throughout this process.

Hunter & Meggan

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you have been a great help. Also, a special thanks for your patience and understanding.

E Assefa

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. Any time I had a problem you get it taken care of for me right away.

J Darichuk

I would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed the gals that answer the phones at Cuppy's. They all do a great job! But I must really tell you that I think that Terri does the most outstanding job of all. She is always so delightful when she answers the phone and it brings a smile to my face when I hear her voice. If I am in a bind or have a problem I can tell her what it is and she will either help me solve the issue or find someone who can. I am not sure if you know what that kind of service does for a franchisee. Terri also can make me laugh at a moments notice when I call and she is always in a great mood. I just wanted you to know how highly Todd and I think of Terri. I think for Cuppy's Terri is a tremendous asset, especially for a first impression!

T & K McPherson

Just thought I would let you know that in Duncan, OK we have had a Hooters girl that was in the Houston pictures grand opening come by our store and we have had a person from Copperas Cove , Tx with a 10th drink free card come by. Both sought us out because they were familiar with Cuppy's from another location.

Joe P

I felt compelled to put into writing again how impressed I am with everyone I am ever in contact with starting from Marisa who has been so pleasantly answering the phone as of late. These past couple of days I have been in touch with Robin on a daily basis and sometimes more than that each day. She is always so eager to help or to find the answers ASAP and she always comes through before the close of day. I might add it is usually after regular business hours and many other companies mindset is, "it can wait till whenever". Robin has been extremely efficient and it allows me to focus on Cuppy's stuff in the evening so I can continue paying attention to my day job for the time being. This ongoing experience with your support staff has made all the obstacles we are encountering a lot lately more bearable and it continues to fuel the excitement for us to open our location.

C Roberts

Bravo! What a wonderful tool you have provided us with! This is the first list I have seen and I must say that the professional aspect of it has given me a new sense of security and direction with Cuppy's Coffee.Thank you for taking the time to make sure I had received it!

T Cassell

I just wanted to drop you and your teams a note of thanks for all you did for us during our visit on Tuesday. We were very impressed with the comprehensive tour you all provided of the Cuppys operation as well as the in depth knowledge of each of you and your teams. We do need to say however, that what impressed us most (besides the sampling of the GREAT products) was the overall "TEAM and FAMILY" environment presented by all as well as the strong commitment to the Cuppys vision.Troy has used the term FAMILY many times on our telephone calls and it was certainly evident during the visit.

In closing, Deb and I just want to say thanks again to all for making us feel like we were part of your family. Please stay well and we will talk to you soon.

Jim and Deb

I have been with Cuppy's Coffee for two years and have been treated with nothing but respect and honestly from the entire staff of Cuppy's Coffee. I originally bought a dual drive up, but I am so confident and impressed with the company that I also bought a mobile walk up island. Coffee College is insightful and extremely helpful in teaching you how to make a cup of coffee, how to run your business, and how to grow your business. I look forward to working with Cuppy's Coffee in the future and will recommend Cuppy's Coffee to anyone.

A Weinstock

Having been self-employed for many years, we had no illusions about the hard work that is required with starting a new business. This time, however, we had the support of many wonderful, dedicated people. They truly care! The resources available to us now, the idea-sharing that takes place, and the network that develops with other store owners are all invaluable tools. We are so excited about the future of Cuppy's Coffee, not only for our store(s), but for all future owners, their families, and all the dedicated people at Cuppy's Coffee headquarters. Life is good!

C & R Baker

Carey, Thanks a million. You have shown great imagination, you are wonderful to work with and a joy to chat with on the phone. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You are a truly an asset to the Cuppy Family. Keep it up!

Karen S

I love Cuppys because it not only represents the future of the coffee business but, it also respresents the future for my family, your family and the future for many generations to come. I look at what is being built around us with such hard work and dedication. The friends and family I have gained, the respect I have for all of you...... it truly humbles me that I actually have the opportunity to be part of something this amazing. That is why I love Cuppy's Coffee!!!To everyone reading this.......grab hold and get ready for the ride of your life!

Shane S

We'd like to thank you and the rest of the gang for all the time you spent with us. It was a true pleasure meeting every one of you. We were convinced that Cuppy's Coffee was the right choice for us but after meeting all of you we are more certain than ever. We know that this is the kind of people that we want to be in business with. I had read other testimonials on the website of how fantastic everyone at the office was and now I understand why. We were really impressed with the happy, friendly and professional atmosphere there (especially for it being a Saturday). I can't express how happy we are to have found Cuppy's Coffee. We can't wait for our store to open. We look forward to our next visit.

Barbara & Felix

Without a doubt , from my experience, the most important "feature" of this company is the people. A lot has changed since I first became a store owner last summer, but one thing that has remained the same is the quality of the people in the home office. They are committed to their customers and want you to succeed. Somehow, they manage to maintain this high standard of customer service even though they have grown from about 10 to 60 or so people in the main offices within the past year. This growth is also exciting for me to see, because I became part of this dream in the early stages. This is an opportunity for a person to become a part of their community and to really give back. Looking back, I have realized that opening a business can be a real challenge, but it is also a blessing when there are great people who honestly stand behind you. Two of my close friends made the trip with me this summer when I attended the first "Coffee College". I took them by the office for just a short time the day we arrived. After we left, they commented on how happy everyone seemed, saying that they must truly enjoy working there. My best advice to anyone who is considering Cuppy's Coffee is to make the trip to Fort Walton Beach, meet these people in person, and decide for yourself.

M Merritt

It is my pleasure and greatest achievement to be associated with the entire Cuppy's Coffee family. From my first point of contact to my last visit to Ft. Walton Beach, FL your team members have always inspired me to stay focused on my dream. I would like to thank everyone for always making me feel like part of the family. I am glad to see that your company has not lost sight of the personal side of the business which is the people. That was really important to us when we were looking to get into the coffee business. I will sleep better at night now, knowing that such a great team is supporting me. I'm glad you guys have all that great coffee to keep you going. Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work.P.S.Your Marketing team is Kick Ass!"

L Tran

Working with Cuppy's Coffee & More has been an extremely positive experience. Everyone at Cuppy's Coffee really cares about the success of my business. I had been interested in opening my own business for a while, and Cuppy's Coffee had all the right elements. I'm starting to work on getting a 2nd and 3rd location, and they are right there with me.

Rachel & Daniel C

Thank you for your help in getting me started in a new venture with Cuppy's Coffee. From the first day we made contact you made the experience of coming into the Cuppy's family meaningful. Your knowledge of [the] franchise process is remarkable. Your company is fortunate to understanding of the customer, and a great personality working on their team. I am confident that my business will be successful because of the caliber of people like you that work at Cuppy's. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your help

Bobby H

To all at Cuppy's, thank you for all that you do everyday for all of us. Your dedication every day to try to get solutions to a franchisee that is trying to open his business is unmatched. The true satisfaction to your everyday frustration and love for what you do is only, to know that you are at the beginning of something big, that you will be talking to someone someday about Cuppy's and can proudly say I was part of it and I made it happen. Thanks again for everything you do.

L Rocafort

We're finally there! It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but good things happen to those who wait. During that time when I felt frustrated at not being able to find a spot you picked me up and kept me focused on the ultimate goal. It wasn't easy staying positive, but you assured me that if I stayed with the program we'd find a place that would be successful. I remember talking to you at any time of the day or night, before or after works hours, whether you called me or I called you, you were always available and always positive. If you didn't have the answers you have someone else call me and by getting the answers to my questions and you'd always follow up and make sure I was given the information that I needed.And Now here we are. I finally found a location that fits all of the criteria to have a successful Cuppy's. It took a long time going through the process of negotiating the lease, getting permits and approvals from the city of Chicopee, working with the site plan contractor and you were there every step of the way.Even though your current position at Cuppy's doesn't necessarily have you working with the franchisees on a daily basis, I know that I can still call you for help at anytime and you'll do anything you can for me.From the initial interview two years ago and to where we are now, I greatly appreciate everything you've done for me. I'm looking forward to finally meeting you at Coffee College in the near future. Thanks for all your help.


You are doing an excellent job! I know I am a "special speeds" client and you have been extremely patient and have worked hard to help me. As a matter of fact, the entire "Get Suzy into a damn location already" team has been fantastic! Kirsite for [her] due diligence, Rudy for calming reassurance, Stefanie for her weekly updates and check-ins, and Rob for his work on getting me into the mall. Thanks everyone!


Just wanted you to know that Amanda is a real joy and very helpful when I have called Cuppy's. Her attitude is very refreshing in this day and time. Most of the time, when one calls a business, one gets the feeling that they are "bothering" the person answering the phone.With Amanda's bubbly personality, it is a joy to call. I am one who believes in giving praise and "warm fuzzies" where they are warranted, and Amanda deserves recognition!Thank you!

Kathie Dodd

We want to thank you for the excellent support you provide. From the beginning, you have always been available to walk us through the process and answer questions. If you don't have the answer, you research it and get back to us as soon as you can. Your great support gives us a needed feeling of security.

Dionne and Nick S