We at Cuppys Coffee know that there are many benefits of coffee.

More and more people are drinking coffee and specialty coffee drinks. Have you ever thought of opening your own coffee shop. If you have a passion for coffee and always wanted to own your own coffee shop, this can be an exciting and profitable venture. If you have the traits necessary to start your own coffee shop, it can be very rewarding. It’s a business that requires stamina and passion. With the many new coffee machines on the market right now, franchisees are finding it easy and are delighted to find out they can easily make many specialty coffee drinks at the touch of a switch. Joining a major Coffee Franchise such as Cuppys Coffee is the best way to go. With ongoing support and buying power, you will certainly have a better success rate than starting your own from scratch. With a recognizable name brand, customers will be waiting for your grand opening. When you open your new successful coffee business, you will be able to generate revenue. With profits coming in, you can buy a home, start another coffee shop or simply cash out when the time is right and even retire. You can create your own schedule when you have your own business. You will be busy, but will have the flexibility of determining the hours that you would like to work. This is incredibly valuable. Just think of being able to attend your children’s different activities and having a empowering and richer lifestyle. It’s hard to put a price tag on freedom. Opening your own Cuppys Coffee can be an incredible important resource in your community, you will be able to bring people together, and since we all need to feel connected, your coffee business will add to this grand tradition.

We all like to meet with friends and family, and Cuppys Coffee provides convenient locations to enjoy coffee, smoothies, and great food.

Looking for the perfect location for your new Cuppy’s Coffee Cafe is very important. At Cuppy’s we have trained location specialists, who will help you in finding that perfect location. Being a part of building up your neighborhood is certainly a positive outlook, for starting up your new coffee business. Some Fun Facts About Coffee:

  • Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried
  • There are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta
  • Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth
  • Shepherds discovered coffee in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D.
  • In Italian espresso means “when something is forced out”
  • Did you know that Hawaii is the only state that commercially grows coffee. Since Hawaii’s weather is optimal for harvesting coffee beans. Climates along the equator grow the best coffee beans.

Many people do not realize that coffee was originally a food. An energy rich snack ball was made when coffee berries were mixed with fat to create this product. When made from the pulp of coffee berries, it was consumed as a wine. Throughout history there have been five attempts to ban coffee. Since Pope Clement VII enjoyed coffee so much, he had coffee baptized in the 1600’s. In the U.S. New Yorkers drink almost seven times more coffee that the rest of the country. People who are coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Women who drink coffee have more protection against skin cancer. Coffee is so addictive, just smelling it can wake your up! With Americans consuming 400 million cups of coffee per day, coffee is one of the most popular beverages. The U.S. is the leading consumer of coffee. An average worker spends $20 per week on coffee drinks. This comes to a total of nearly $1,100 annually. Did you know that the definition of coffee means “wine”. Some health benefits from drinking coffee are:

  • Lowers risk of Type II Diabetes with a 23-50% lower risk
  • This disease currently affects 300 million people worldwide
  • Reduces suicide risk and depression
  • Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease
  • Protection against Parkinson’s disease
  • Increases your fiber intake
  • Protects against cirrhosis of the liver
  • Cuts pain
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

If you want to feel smarter and improve your energy, drink COFFEE! Coffee has a stimulant called caffeine and is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. When you drink coffee caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream, and travels to the brain. This generates mood, vigilance, energy levels, memory, reaction times and general cognitive function. Also, more good news about coffee! It has been proven to aid fat burning. Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate. Caffeine also stimulates the nervous system and sends signals to break down body fat. So, go ahead and have a good strong cup of coffee about a half an hour before heading out to the gym. Coffee is full of nutrients:

  • Magnesium and Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Manganese and Potassium

With Alzheimer’s and Dementia being common degenerative diseases, drinking coffee may be incredibly effective. Your liver is a amazing organ. It carries out hundreds of very important functions in the body. Many common diseases affect the liver, you could develop cirrhosis, in which the liver develops scar tissue. Coffee drinkers who drink 4 or more cups a day have up to an 80% lower risk. Having depression is a serious mental disorder, which can cause a significantly quality of life. Women who drank 4 or more cups per day had a lower risk of becoming depressed by 20%. Coffee has been known to reduce the risk of suicide for people who are prone to depression. Coffee also appears to protective against two types of cancer – colorectal and liver cancer. Coffee may lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. Best news of all coffee may help you live longer. Diabetics who drank coffee had a 30% lower risk of death. With coffee containing a massive amount of antioxidants, people can get more antioxidants from coffee that both vegetables and fruit.

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. As more and more people learn of the many benefits, it is sure to become more and more popular. A Cuppys Coffee Franchise can be very profitable and popular.


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