Coffee & Smoothie Drive-Thru (Drive-Up)

4420577276_7129fc63ffThe Cuppy's dual drive-thru was created to support high volume locations, giving owners the ability to serve up to 120 coffee and smoothie beverages an hour. This is the ideal unit for those that want to live in the fast lane, obtaining the majority of their revenues from the rush-hour commuters.

Dual Drive-Thru General Information

Size: Units are available as 10'X26' or 10'X36.'

Stand Alone Dual Drive-Thru Pricing: Pricing for a stand alone dual drive-thru ranges, depending on size. All units are modular and come ready to place on your leased or purchased lot. This franchise model is truly a business in a box! Includes building and equipment.

Working Capital: Please speak with your franchise recruiter. This acuppys header960640mount is required due to site
preparation costs. A loan can be utilized to cover this amount.

Down Payment: Cuppy's preferred builder requires a minimum down payment of 20% to start your modular building.

Product Offerings: Depend on the size of your dual drive-thru. Franchisees who own the 10'x26' unit are focused on selling espresso based coffee drinks, 100% fruit smoothies and a minimal breakfast menu. In the larger 10'x36' unit, there is room for other food items.

High Volume: Units are placed in high traffic areas and always on the morning drive side. This business model is designed to produce coffee and smoothies faster than any other competitor, allowing Cuppy's franchiseess to offer the unique guarantee, "Under a minute or it's Free!"

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