Coffee & Smoothie Cart


The Cuppy's cart appeals to the most free-spirited franchisees. The cart allows franchisees the
freedom to choose when, where and how long they would like to work.

The coffee and trailer_view_01smoothie cart business will be one of our fastest growing business models due to the fact that you can use it almost anywhere. It can work great at high schools, football games, basketball games, little league tournaments, and for any kind of gathering or special event. In fact said espresso coffee carts are growing in popularity as a healthy and safe alternative to alcohol, and they add a classy touch to any occasion!

Cart General Information

Size: 3.5' x 8.5'

Down Payment: Cuppy's preferred builder requires a minimum down payment of 20% of the total unit cost to start the cart or you may discuss leasing.

Product Offerings: A cart is able to serve all of the coffee and smoothie products along with a limited food menu.

Versatility: These unique Carts work great at weddings, football and basketball games, banquets, hotels, business meetings - you name the place and the cart is there!



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