Franchise ownership might be the perfect vehicle for you if you don’t want to go it alone in business.

There are expenses in franchising. Paying a franchise fee along with ongoing royalties is often worth the money. The right franchisor cares about you and your business, and will help you to stay in business. This often is better than going into business on your own, since many businesses fail within the first year.

Cuppys Coffee has a franchise fee that covers many of the important things you need to get started with your own coffee franchise.  We assist with site selection, store build-out and consultation. Cuppy’s Coffee also helps you to get the right equipment package, as well as our complete training program. Our ongoing royalty fee is very low and helps ensure the success of your Cuppys Coffee franchise.

There are several advantages to buying a franchise in addition to a well-known name brand. They have a system for success, along with support and many other franchisees to bounce ideas off of. Franchisors often have great marketing ideas, along with the most current training in your industry.

Cuppys Coffee provides you with an operations manual and ongoing support along with marketing and public relations support. We’ll help you with your grand opening planning, as well as helping you to promote your store locally with campaigns throughout the year. Creative marketing is important when getting new customers into your store. Also, creative marketing helps you to save money instead of spending on advertising that brings little results.

Most franchisors will help you to pick a great location and help you to negotiate a lease along with the terms. This is very important since a good location is one of the key aspects to staying in business long-term. Also, having a low rent with good terms will make your new business more profitable, (and more valuable in the long run for when you decide to sell the business).

To help make sure you get a great location, Cuppys Coffee assists you with review of demographics, trade area maps, and site economics. Of course, location is one of the most important aspects of your future success.

It’s often said, “There is strength in numbers”. With a franchise system, there are benefits to better purchasing volume, along with advertising, and other services.

People wonder how to choose the right franchise. An important thing to remember is to not just choose a franchise based on profitability (although that is very important), you should choose a franchise based on something you like to do, and can see yourself doing on a daily basis. If you don’t care for the restaurant industry, than you should find something non-food related. Make your business fun, and you will enjoy doing it each and every day, which will help to make you a success.

Franchising has been around for many years, and with the right system, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.